Morven Area Home Security Services Businesses

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  • ADT Security Services Inc.   1 Town Center Road, Boca Raton, FL   (details…)

    Overview: No matter how you gauge it, from quality products to friendly, professional service, ADT Security Services is America's number one provider of electronic security systems and services. Since 1874, ADT's leadership has been - and still is - based on providing all our customers with uninterrupted safety and peace of mind. ADT's continuing commitment to serving its customers better is borne out in significant numbers.
    Services Offered: Home Security Services

  • ACP Security, Inc.   P.o Box 1173, Harrisburg, NC   (details…)

    Overview: ACP Security, Inc., provides you with the peace of mind you desire. For us, your safety is of the highest priority. We have been protecting homes in North and South Carolina since 2001. We look forward to speaking with you regarding your security needs.
    Services Offered: Home Security Services

  • FrontPoint Security Solutions, LLC   1568 Springhill Rd Ste 301, Mclean, VA   (details…)

    Overview: FrontPoint s DIY home security solutions protect your family, home, or business with wireless alarm equipment and interactive monitoring. Featuring GE Security technology and five-star customer service, our systems include free shipping, easy setup, and free apps for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. Each wireless alarm system from FrontPoint has a built-in wireless cellular link, making it virtually impossible for common burglars to defeat. Traditional alarm systems rely on a standard phone line to link a home to the alarm company. These can be easily disabled by a burglar in about ten seconds with a cheap pair of wire cutters. Learn more about safer wireless security systems from FrontPoint.
    Services Offered: Home Security Services

  • T.L.C. Safe Watch   Po. Box 1962, Thomasville, NC   (details…)

    Overview: We're here to help you with whatever your needs might be. You can reach us 24/7 @ 336-491-8999, so if you need us in the middle of the night you can get us. We look forward to earning your business!
    Services Offered: Home Security Services

  • Protect Your Home   3750 Priority Way South Suite 200, Indianapolis, IN   (details…)

    Overview: Protect Your Home is the largest ADT Authorized Dealer. We market, sell, and install home security systems that can be monitored with ADT's world class security monitoring service. Other than ADT Security Services, Inc., we install more security systems than any other company in the United States. We pride ourselves on our people, our systems, and our ability to train leaders. Because of those principles, you will find our service to be the best in the business. We offer the best deals, the most comprehensive solutions, and the fastest response in the industry.
    Services Offered: Home Security Services

  • Vivint, Inc.   4931 North 300 West, Provo, UT   (details…)

    Overview: Vivint is the fastest growing privately owned home security and automation company in the nation, having provided hundreds of thousands of households with peace of mind since 1999. The management of Vivint has employed over 40 years of combined experience to become a leader in the security services industry and offers its customers a comprehensive selection of products with the most advanced technology. In addition to our security systems, Vivint is dedicated to help you build a simple, affordable home automation system, where every piece of technology works together intelligently to enhance safety and convenience, and increase energy efficiency. We do this through a combination of smart solutions and award??? ? winning customer service. The Vivint Go!Control panel, the base through which all of our other products communicate, creates a streamlined network. It easily connects all of your home??? ? s smart systems: security, home heating and air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, small applia
    Services Offered: Home Security Services

  • CPI Security Systems, Inc.   4200 Sandy Porter Road, Charlotte, NC   (details…)

    Overview: At CPI Security Systems, Inc., we re passionate about protecting your world! CPI Security Systems, Inc., is leading the way in protecting what matters most. This superior quality of service is the result of our efforts to be involved in every aspect of our business. We are one of the only security companies to design, install, monitor and service our own security systems. Additionally, CPI Security Systems, Inc., has invested millions to create the most advanced central monitoring station in the country. Our commitment to high standards is also evident in the products we use and the people we attract. We features the latest in security equipment and technology, including in Touch control, Real-Time Response technology and a customizable suite of protection advancements. We have dedicated employees that are experts in their field and are registered with the North Carolina Private Protective Services. All potential hires are also screened with an intensive background check.
    Services Offered: Home Security Services

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